If you still don't record your meetings, you are losing a lot of valuable discussion insights! Here's how you can fix it with Timz.Flowers;)

Click "Start meeting" to start your first meeting.

Start the video call

You can now either start the video call immediately or schedule it for later.

Record your meeting

Once a meeting has begun, choose the green “Record” button to start recording.

In case you don't want to record some parts of the conversation, hit "Stop".

Note: Recording can be paused and resumed at any time.

Highlight key moments

Reactions are the perfect way to highlight important moments during your meeting. It can be a solution to a problem or an outstanding question that needs to be answered. Or maybe it's just a topic that you want to mark down for later reference.

You can highlight those moments with this reaction set:

  • Like

  • Solution

  • Important

  • Question

  • Problem

  • Disagree

Note: Having a timestamp for every highlight makes it a lot easier for your team to create summaries and navigate the recording later.

Create shared notes and action items

When you start the recording the “Note” button will appear.

Click that button whenever you need to take a note. As soon as the meeting is over, all your digital notes will be attached to the recording and available for your team to review.

Note: Sticky notes come with the exact time-stamp from when you clicked the "Note" button, so you can easily identify which topic they refer to later on.

Where can I find my recording?

The recording will appear in the garden where the meeting link was generated. To see it, click "GO TO TIMZ.FLOWERS" after you leave the call.

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