It is really hard to keep your distributed team in sync and up to speed with outdated communication tools.

That's why we built TIMZ.FLOWERS: an easy way to hold meetings, asynchronously or in real-time. So you can choose the meeting format that works best for your team at any given time.

Click β€œStart meeting” to set up an async meeting.

Select one of the async options

You can choose from the following:

Record a video message

Choose the "Cam" button to record a video message.

Press "Rec" button to start recording. You can pause and resume recording at any time.

Review your message

After you've finished recording, press "Continue" to review your message, enter a title, and make further adjustments.

Add a title

Add a title to be able to submit your message.

Submit it

You can publish your message by clicking "Submit".

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