After your video call has ended, it will take a few seconds for the recording to upload.

Once it's ready, you can summarise it.

Click "Get summary" to start summarising.

Filter out what's relevant

By using the filters, you can filter by meeting participants, reactions, or relevant keywords. For example, "I would like to see all warnings from the lawyers" or "I would like to see all questions from the customer".

Fine-tune your selection

The editor allows you to fine-tune your summary. You can drag "In" and "Out" points or delete video segments to tailor the summary precisely to your needs.

Share summary

Once you've filtered out the relevant parts. You can send the summary to everyone who needs this information.

Click "Share summary" to open the sharing dialog.

You can now select people from your garden members or add new emails and send them a recap. Or you can copy the summary link and share it via Messenger.

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