The garden is the virtual space for organizing your TIMZ.FLOWERS meetings.

You can customize it by clicking on the garden title on the left sidebar.

Note: Most of the settings are only visible to garden admins or users with full access to the garden.

In the "Garden details" section you can:

  • Change the garden name: It's best to keep it short and sweet.

  • Change the garden picture: Click on it to upload your image.

  • Deactivate transcriptions: Just turn off the toggle.

  • Delete garden: Be careful. You cannot undo this action!

  • Change the transcription language. Choose the “Settings” icon and select the needed language in the pop-up window.

  • Set a time limit on video or audio contributions in your garden. You can determine how long your garden members can speak. Max length is 5 min.

  • Delete the garden. Please keep in mind that deleting the garden will delete all its content. The action cannot be reversed.

  • Leave the garden. Only garden members have access to this option.

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