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How to use Timz.Flowers' Slack integration.
How to use Timz.Flowers' Slack integration.
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Using Timz.Flowers and Slack together is a great way to keep your team up to date with ease. By using the / command, you can start a video conference in any channel (except private channels and direct messages). After each recorded video call the AI Recap, Follow-ups, video summary, and participants' information will be sent to Slack. This lets teammates who couldn't attend keep up to date.

Follow these simple steps to connect your Timz.Flowers garden to your Slack workspace.

  1. Click on the Garden title at the top of the left sidebar

2. Choose “Connected apps” and connect your garden to Slack workspace.

3. Open Slack workspace and type "/" in any channel (except private channels and direct messages) you wish to recieve meeting minutes.

When you hit enter the video call link will be generated.

4. Start the meeting right away or copy the link and add it to your calendar event.

Tip: If you use this link for recurring meetings, your team will automatically receive updates in Slack after each recorded session.

5. Get meeting minutes in Slack

When the call is over, Timz.Flowers will send a Slack message with the AI Meeting Recap, Follow-ups, Video Summary, and Participants' information.

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