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Video call shortcuts.
Video call shortcuts.
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We introduced many useful keyboard shortcuts, so you can make your interactions during video call even more efficient.

  • F - Show or hide video thumbnails

  • M - Mute or unmute your microphone

  • V - Start or stop your camera

  • A - Manage video quality

  • C - Open or close the chat

  • D - Switch between camera and screen sharing

  • P - Show or hide the participant's pane

  • R - Raise or lower your hand

  • S - View or exit fullscreen

  • W - Toggle tile view

  • ? - Show or hide keyboard shortcuts

  • SPACE - Push to talk

  • T - Show speaker stats

  • 0 - Focus on your video

  • 1-9 - Focus on another person's video

Here’s how you can access the shortcuts menu:

  1. Choose “More” menu

2. Click on the “View shortcuts”

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